Endotracheal intubation

by:Honde     2020-06-01

endotracheal intubation is a special endotracheal tube through the glottis placement technology, called endotracheal intubation of the trachea, the technology can attract the oxygen, respiratory airway patency, ventilation and provide the best condition to prevent aspiration. Product name ( Chinese) : endotracheal intubation product name ( English) : Endotracheal Tube/Tracheal Tube product model: conventional type, oral, nasal cavity, the steel wire reinforced suction/flush type production license: Sue said 2009 - drug safety food machinery production Product registration certificate no. 0069: Sue food drug safety machinery ( Quasi) Word 2011 # 2660330

emergency tracheal intubation technique has become a critical patients of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and with respiratory dysfunction patients the important steps in the process of rescue.

the endotracheal intubation technique is one of the important rescue techniques commonly used in emergency work, is the most widely used in respiratory tract management, one of the most effective means the quickest, are the basic skills of medical staff must master.

to save patient life, reduce the case fatality rate play a crucial role.

and able to timely discharge gas absorption tube or a foreign body, prevent a foreign body into the respiratory tract, keep respiratory tract unobstructed, artificial or mechanical ventilation, effectively prevent the lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide retention in patients with tracheal intubation is directly related to the timely rescue success as ever, patients can be safe transport and prognosis of patients.

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