Dual Head Stethoscope

by:Honde     2020-04-21
As a medical student and later as an advanced professional in the medical field, one must overcome a lot of skepticism toward the right instruments to use. With the desire to want to provide the community with the best medical care available and looking to find the best instruments with a dual purpose, a health care provider must understand this concept. Being able to comprehend that the old stethoscope you have used for numerous years may now be out dated. Webster's dictionary states: A dual is having or being composed of two parts or kinds, like or a medical instrument manufacturer has grown to endorse this concept, such as MDF Instruments, then professional tools begin to appear on the market. MDF Instruments makes several types of these heads that are composed of two different parts, having a diaphragm on one side and an open bell on the other side. Knowing the needs and wants of the medical field, MDF Instruments has taken the dual head stethoscope to a new level by manufacturing seven distinctive styles, each to meet the needs of the different professional using them. Infant Dual Head, Pediatric Dual Head, Deluxe Dual Head, and Infant Dual Head Adult, just to name four. Further differences of these stethoscope include but are not limited to four of them which are made from premium-grade stainless steel. MDF Instruments has worked hard to make the dual head very patient friendly. I will write future articles on each type of these stethoscopes, letting you know the differences of each.
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