Dual Head Premium Grade

by:Honde     2020-04-15
To be able to meet the needs and desires of the more elegant aspects of the medical fields, MDF Instruments has constructed a 22K gold-plating stethoscope from premium-grade stainless steel. The MDF 22K MD One Stainless Steel Dual-Head Stethoscope is one of the most widely sought after professional-grade stethoscopes on the market today. It may be hard to conceive or imagine a gold plated stethoscope that would be capable of providing accurate readings but the MDF 777 provides accurate auscultation of heart, lung and blood pressure sounds as well as overall durability and aesthetics. How? With a deluxe adult stainless steel Dual-Head Chestpiece that comes with a fully rotational Acoustic Valve Stem that has been precisely machined for the highest performance and durability. The diaphragm is fitted with ultra-sensitive diaphragm sealed by the non-chill Diaphragm Retaining Ring to provide comfort and a secure acoustic transmission. The extra large bell, crowned with a non-chill Bell Ring, provides greater acoustical amplification, isolation of low frequency sounds and offers comfort to patients. The Ergonomax Headset, with machined and polished stainless steel tubes and enclosed internal spring, is manufactured for the comfort of nurses, doctors, paramedics, and EMTs. This is done with the use of MDF ComfortSeal Eartips which are designed for long lasting comfort and high performance acoustic transmission. Imagine how an unobservable heartbeat is able to transverse the heavy-walled and internal acoustic pathway in the Y-configuration, through a tubing that has been designed to maintain acoustic integrity. To further improve the quality, the Acoustic Tubes are constructed of non-cracking, non-sticking, high-density, latex-free PVC. To further assist the medical professional, MDF has added 2 ComfortSeal Eartips, 1 ultra-sensitive Diaphragm and 1 ID tag.
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