Don't Be Confused Since There Is Only One Littmann

by:Honde     2020-04-13
If it were not for Dr. Littman's invention that saved the medical world from guessing if it was a heart murmur or heartburn, then the world will not progress the way it is doing now. His contribution, called the Littmann Master Classic Stethoscope, has helped millions of physicians and nurses listen to a patient's lung or chest. There are different kinds of stethoscopes so it is advised that you know where you will use it. Otherwise you might negate the purpose of hearing faint sounds with the wrong kind of instrument. You may think twice that there are different kinds of stethoscopes but they actually look all the same to you. There are those that can be used for cardiology and there are kinds intended for pediatrics. The fainter the sound that can be emitted, the higher the audible levels, the higher the price of the stethoscope. In comes the Littmann Master Classic Stethoscope which happens to be one of the premium kinds of stethoscopes in the market today. What makes it very special is that the manner of hearing the sounds from a patient's body is perfectly loud and clear. Remember how you are instructed to move this way and turn that way so that the doctor can get a perfect angle to listen to your chest or back? This stethoscope allows single position access. This means what may be happening at your back can now be heard up front in with clarity. The traditional and ordinary looking stethoscope has already achieved a newer form when it manufactured non-chilling rims. These are the tips of the stethoscope that comes in contact with the skin. For toddlers, that surprising cold sensation turns into tantrums and crying times. The Littmann Master Classic Stethoscope is designed to have a room-temperature rim all the time. Aside from the discomfort the ordinary stethoscopes give patients, the poor medical practitioners have to endure cruel times with painful stethoscope ear tips. Since the main purpose is to block any outside noise, the tips were made in such a way that it hugs the entire ear passageway.
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