Cooking Thermometers Done Right

by:Honde     2020-03-28
Let's face it; we have all over cooked a piece of meat in our lifetime. Rather it inside or outside on a grill, nothing can be more frustrating than spending hard earned money and valuable time on cooking what sounded like a great meal only to find it chewy and tasteless. Yes you guessed it this description fits me up one side and down another. I was famous for over cooking meats and it didn't matter what meat we are talking about. Steaks, chicken, fish or turkeys it absolutely did not matter. I love to grill, and actually prefer it over any other cooking method, but I was beginning to doubt my skills. To complicate things worse, once married, we began entertaining, having friends over for social nights and good times. What's better than to invite a group over for a delicious meal? I wasn't so excited because with a group of friends I then had to try to meet their expectations. Some like it medium rare, some medium well, what gives? Trying to juggle cooking duty, with drinks and chatter basically made it very easy for me to over cook everything, every time no matter what. You can tell me medium rare but I was guaranteed to give you well done and beyond! This all changed one fruitful day and may I mention by total accident. I was strolling around a retail store and I happen to glance on an end cap. There sit my answer to all my cooking problems. It was a loner; it hung there in the wrong spot and stuck out like a sore thumb. It in fact was a digital cooking thermometer! Very simple to use, turn it on, select meat type like beef, poultry, lamb, veal, pork to name a few. Then you select what temperature you are looking to achieve, medium, rare, medium well, well and so forth. As I search the store high and low I could not find another thermometer like this in the entire store. My first thought is 'it was meant to be' since it caught my eye. Boy can I tell you I do not regret buying this cooking thermometer at all. It has to be the best $15 I have ever spent. Gone forever are the days of overcooking and they are replaced with tender, juicy and perfectly cooked meats each and every time. Now my friends actually love to come over because they are in for a great meal. This wonderful kitchen gadget is a must for any person that likes to cook. Insert it in the meat and monitor the internal temperature. As soon as it beeps you are done. No more guessing. No more watching a clock or timer. Recipes mainly tell you a general timeframe to cook meat but now you have a more advanced tool and if you are like me you will use and re-use this cheap tool every time a chance comes along. A cooking thermometer is a must have in my kitchen and should be in yours. Forget guessing, and forget ruining another rib-eye or t-bone, just pick one up as soon as possible and you are on your way. I have listed a great place online to learn more and buy your next fool proof kitchen gadget
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