Auto Thermometer - Do I Need One and How Difficult

by:Honde     2020-04-06
Was your car built with an auto thermometer? Cars today are now being built with factory installed ones. It sure helps knowing the temperature outside of your car. If your car did not come with one, it's not to late to easily install one. Last summer we drove from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. The trip was about 125 miles or about 2 hours on the road without traffic. As we left Los Angeles, I checked our factory installed auto thermometer for the outside temperature. It was in the mid 80's since it was about 10 o'clock at night. I kept an eye on the temperature as we drove through Pasadena, Montclair, and Ontario and it still stayed in the mid 80's. As we approached Yucaipa and started going up the mountain, the temperature started dropping to the low 80's. As we came down the mountain into Banning, the temperature started rising quickly. It was now back to mid 80's, then low 90's. At Cabezon, it was mid 90's and still rising. As we approached Palm Springs, it was at 97, 98, 99, and then 100 degrees. We pulled in to Palm Springs at midnight and it was still 100 degrees outside. All of this was made possible with our auto thermometer. That was fun watching the change in temperature as we went from one area to another. But an auto thermometer can be an added safety feature if you live in a cold climate. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops down around freezing, ice can form on the roads. This is a dangerous driving condition and knowing the outside temperature can help you to drive more cautiously to avoid an accident. If your car does not have a factory installed auto thermometer, you don't need to worry. There are quite a few available models that you can purchase to easily install yourself. Some sit on your dash and plug into your cigarette lighter. Some stick to your dash and use batteries. The most accurate ones use an external sensor that sits inside your door jam. Don't worry, the external sensor is very easy to install.
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