A Look At the Advancements Made in Stethoscope Technology

by:Honde     2020-04-24
For every medical practitioner, the stethoscope is a very important piece of equipment. The stethoscope was invented in the year 1916 by the French physician Ren?� La?�nnec. At that time it was a basic piece of equipment but over the years, it has undergone a lot of modifications. When you look at some of the high end stethoscopes like the Littman Cardiology III, its easy to see how far these instruments have come. There have been tremendous advancements in quality of technology and several different classes and types that have emerged. Types of Stethoscopes In the present dispensation, it is simply impossible to imagine a medical doctor without a stethoscope dangling from his or her neck. It has to be pointed out clearly that all doctors do not use the same type. They come in different forms. They are also used in different ways. The best stethoscopes for the medical practitioner will depend on a variety of factors which are outlined below. Acoustic This is the most popular and the most commonly used style in most medical facilities. It has a standard chest piece; it also has hollow rubber tubes and a pair of ear pieces. This stethoscope can be used for just basic functions but it has one major disadvantage. This stethoscope is relatively ineffective when hearing faint sounds. It does not function very well in noisy places or in areas where there are background noises. Electronic This is a relatively new type. The strong point of this stethoscope is that it is very sophisticated. The electronic stethoscope makes use of acoustic waves which are converted into electrical signals. These signals are then amplified and processed for optimum hearing benefit. The beauty of this equipment is that it can be used in any environment and this is a great advantage. Fetal As the name implies, the fetal stethoscope is used to examine pregnant women. Fetal models are specially shaped and the purpose is to listen to the heart beat of the fetus of a pregnant woman. In some cases, this equipment is also referred to as a fetoscope or pinards. Cardiology This type is used by specialist and cardiologists and it is an advanced form of stethoscope. It is used by the cardiologists (an expert in heart disease and heart function) to listen to the heart beat of people who may have cardiac problems. It can be used to recognize irregular heart beats, heart murmurs or any other abnormality of the heart. Recordable This is one very advanced form of stethoscope. The recordable stethoscope makes use of technology to work in the interest of the patient. It can be connected to a laptop, an iPod or any other recording device. The strong point of this stethoscope is that the data can be recorded and played back later. This makes it very useful for cases where further evaluation or consultation is required by the medical experts.
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