A Car Thermometer Can Save Your Life!

by:Honde     2020-04-06
How can a car thermometer save your life? It can save your life by showing the temperature outside of your car and help you to recognize a possible hazardous and dangerous driving condition. When the temperature drops around freezing, ice and black ice can form on the road. Knowing that possible ice exists can help you drive more cautiously to avoid any life threatening accidents. Every car should have a car thermometer, but not every car has one that is factory installed. Do you have one? If not they're very reasonably priced and easy to install. There are many car thermometer models to choose from and you can easily pick one up online. They vary in price, ranging from $10 to $200, depending on the functions they perform. Some are simple and just give the temperature outside of the car. Others may include a clock, alarm clock, a conversion button for Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a button to save the highest and lowest temperature readings. Some also come with a handy back light for easy visibility. Installing a car thermometer is pretty easy. A simple, small one can stick on your dash using double sided tape. A larger one can fit on top of your dash or down by your gearshift using velcro tape to secure it. For power, it will use batteries or plug into your cigarette lighter. For larger models that have more features, it will normally plug into the cigarette lighter. When installing the car thermometer, you are also going to need to install the external sensor or sensors. They come with 6 to 10 feet of wire. Don't let this scare you, it is actually easy to do and will take a few minutes. This can be done a couple different ways. For car thermometer models that are mounted on the dash, run the wire where the dash and the windshield meet, and use a credit card to push it in. Run it to the door, and attach the external sensor in the door jam so it has access to the outside air. But don't put it out so far to where it will be hit when you get a car wash. The other way to install the sensor is to run the wire through the dash, and use wire ties to attach the wire to the car frame away from the motor. Come down between the radiator and headlight, and attach underneath or inside the bumper, make sure the sensor is protected from the elements. It's as simple as that.
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