A Car Digital Thermometer Can Keep You From Getting Killed

by:Honde     2020-04-01
Do you live in a cold climate? Can the temperature outside your car drop to freezing without any warning? If you live in an area like this, you should have a car digital thermometer to warn you that you're driving in a hazardous condition. When the temperature drops to freezing, ice and black ice can form on the road. If you are aware of this danger, driving more cautiously can help save your life. There are a variety of car digital thermometer models available to choose from. Some are simple and just give the temperature outside, while others have more features and include an alarm clock, compass, maximum and minimum recorded temperature, or a back light. Most use Velcro or double sided tape to stick to your dash and are easy to attach. Some are battery powered and some plug into your cigarette lighter. But most use an external temperature sensor to give an accurate outside reading. These external temperature sensors are easy to install and usually are attached in the door jam, the bumper, or behind the license plate. It really depends on the length of the wire and where you want to put it. Two popular models on the market today are the Buler and the Roadpro. The Buler car digital thermometer is very basic and just gives the outside temperature. It has a rectangular shaped face and a four foot wire for the external temperature sensor. It doesn't have extra bells and whistles but gives an accurate outside temperature reading. It can be attached to the dash with double sided tape. Some owners have cut a rectangle in their dash and inserted it in it for a factory installed look. The Roadpro car digital thermometer has more features including a compass, clock, inside and outside temperature, back light, and an ice alert. It is easy to install and can be attached to your dash with Velcro.
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