5 Reasons Why the Littman Cardiology III Gets

by:Honde     2020-04-12
When you are looking for a good stethoscope to use in your medical practice, one of the most highly recommended models is the Littmann cardiology III. In fact, this particular model is a constant best seller every year. This is because it gets a lot of excellent stethoscope reviews written by many professional reviewers as well as satisfied users online. If you are wondering why this particular unit gets a lot of excellent reviews, here are five reasons why. 1. Tunable diaphragms - this particular unit features two different diaphragms that is designed to handle high frequencies as well as low frequencies. This means that you can use it to listen to all the bodily sounds of your patient. You can easily interchange between the high end and low end diaphragm to listen for any inconsistencies in the bodily sounds of your patient. With tunable diaphragms, you no longer need to interchange stethoscopes just to tune to the right bodily sounds. 2. Ergonomic design for maximum efficiency and comfort - when you acquire this particular unit, the headset assembly is permanently adjusted to an anatomically correct angle to ensure that it will perfectly fit your head. This ensures that you will comfortably use the stethoscope on a daily basis without any pain whatsoever. Other units can really hurt your ears because of the improper fit. Because of the anatomically correct fit of this brand, it's one that you can use for your entire career. 3. Patented 3M Littmann snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips - one of the complaints of first time stethoscope users is the fact that the ear tips of a stethoscope can hurt their ears. Some models rely on too much pressure to ensure a tight seal on the ears. Unfortunately, too much pressure can hurt the ears. With the patented 3M technology, this particular brand features snap tight, soft-sealing eartips to ensure quality comfort at all times. 4. Durable and reliable - All of the brand's products carries the 3M guarantee of durability and reliability. You can be confident that the money you invest in LIttmann will result to excellent returns because you will be using the product for many years to come. This truly is a wise investment for an aspiring medical professional. 5. Comes in different colors - another great thing about the Cardiology III is the fact that it comes in different models. This means you can definitely find a well functioning unit that does not compromise your style preferences. In fact, there are many reviews that point this out as one of the best features of a Littman Stethoscope. It does not matter if you prefer the classic colors or a variety of modern design styles, there is definitely a model that will give you what you want.
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