5 Cutting Edge Features of the Littmann Lightweight

by:Honde     2020-04-24
A lot of people in medical practice often find themselves in need of a stethoscope which provides utmost comfortable and convenience in use, as well as allow them to come up with an accurate diagnosis of their patient's condition in assessing their blood pressure, heart rate or breathing. There are definitely a whole lot of models from other brands which you claim to provide only the best quality, but so far, none can compare to the excellence that is brought by the Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope. This proves to be a truly great choice for many doctors and nurses, especially when you're someone who happens to be looking for an alternate stethoscope which possesses good quality acoustics as well as a light weight one that you can easily bring with you when you're making the rounds in the hospital. Below are some of the most popular and unique features which you can find in what is considered to be the best stethoscope in the market: • Light weight - You can simply bring this wherever you go in the hospital setting, since it's practically light and easy to use. Aside from that, you also get to use a stethoscope which comes with the manufacturer's patented snap-tight sof-sealing ear tops, which fit comfortably into your ears and can definitely block out any ambient noises when you're listening to your patient's heart rate. • Anatomically correct headset - Aside from the comfortable fit of the ear plugs, you also get a stethoscope which is developed and constructed to fit the human body, making it anatomically proportionate to the wearer, thus not causing any inconveniences when put in use. The structure allows for better acoustic quality. Its double-leaf binaural springs provide easy tension which prevents the ear plugs from sinking in to your ear canals, providing complete comfort. • Well-structured chest piece - this particular section of the stethoscope has been specifically constructed to provide better orientation around body contours and blood pressure cuffs, thus allowing the user to get more accurate BP readings as well as heart rate tracking, making it a better investment than any other brand in the market. • Durability - With the chest piece made out of solid stainless steel and a highly flexible rubber tubing which does not wear out easily, you can simply expect nothing more but high quality from Littmann. The materials used are top class, which makes it far and beyond any basic stethoscope. • Tunable diaphragm - Its adjustable diaphragm provides reliable and really clear acoustics, which is highly necessary when you want to listen to someone's heart rate. With this feature, all the sounds are totally audible regardless of whether you're trying to detect high or low frequency sounds. Even when used in a loud environment, you won't be having any issues detecting sound when using this stethoscope.
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